The “Selling Made Easy” Show for Entrepreneurs

Featuring Jennifer Chapman, Life Coach

August 11, 2022

Jennifer Chapman, an Indy native and Ball State graduate, has had a unique road to get here to where she is today.  Life challenged her first at 11 with the unexpected loss of her mom and again at 34.   After doing consistent work with a life coach to overcome the mental and emotional challenges internally, Jennifer shifted in 2020 and found the passion and need to coach others through life’s challenges.   She created Just Commit Coaching and offers a 1:1 coaching program for people primarily in their 20s, 30s, 40s that want to find a way to accept and embrace the new version of themselves and how to move forward.

Learn more about Jennifer Chapman at and be sure to download her free guide to creating mindset shifts.  You can also follow Jennifer on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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