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Featuring Charles Stroud, Life Coach and Domestic Violence Counselor

August 17, 2022

Charles Stroud is a certified life coach and domestic violence counselor. Charles has over 25 years in law enforcement and juvenile justice experience helping, counseling,mentoring and coaching people to better lives. He has spent the last 8 years as a domestic violence counselor helping men and women to have safer, healthier and lasting relationships. 

He recently founded Road Less Traveled: Relationship Coaching for Men and their Partners. Giving men, women and couples a safe space to not only explore their feelings, but a space to hear themselves thinks, reflect on choices and repair their relationships. His passion or super power is his ability to not only relate, but meet each person where they are and teach each one skills to free themselves from those cultural and psychological norms of painful destructive behaviors. Ultimately making each person wiser and empowered to now embrace challenges as useful opportunities. 

Learn more about Charles Stroud at and be sure to follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

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