The “Selling Made Easy” Show for Entrepreneurs

Featuring Andrea Gewirtz, Health & Wealth THRIVE Strategist

September 28, 2021

Andrea Gewirtz is a certified Functional Nutrition Counselor, a certified NLP Trainer, plus the Founder and Principal Health and Wealth THRIVE Strategist of Wellbeing & Worth.


Wellbeing & Worth started as a boutique health and wellness coaching practice. Andrea used her Functional Nutrition training to help people discover and address the root cause of their illness and dis-ease.


In 2020 she launched her most popular program, "The Detox & Rejuvenation Reset".  It is an 8-week exploration of food and healthy weight management interwoven with mindset tools designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit to effortlessly release the unwanted pounds and the decisions that stand in the way of creating a THRIVING and vibrant life.


Learn more about Andrea Gewirtz, her masterclass, bootcamp and THRIVE sessions here: Wellbeing&Worth.  Also, be sure to follow Andrea on Instagram and Facebook.

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